Marketing in 2021 with InTouch Medical Marketing.

Things are evolving quickly every day and we know how easily they can fall off track during times like these. That’s why we are here to ensure that your clients stay updated on your business. With InTouch Medical Marketing custom campaign services, connections with your clients can be stronger than ever! Get in touch with […]

Maintain a healthy relationship with your clients.

Your customers might care about you more than you know! Especially during a challenging time like this, building and maintaining connections with your customers is more important than ever. InTouch Medical Marketing is here to ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship with your clients.

Tips to grow your business in 2021

Allow yourself to focus on growth while running your business. Let InTouch Medical Marketing take care of contacting your clients. Call us today to learn how we can help you grow, retain, and engage your clients!

USA HIPAA Compliant Call Center

Are you a healthcare professional making calls to patients from within your office? Let InTouch Medical Marketing take over your outbound calls and give your customers the same professional level of customer service they would get just as if it were in-house! With our HIPAA Compliant call center, we can help you to be successful […]

Intouch Medical Marketing can reach out to current patients.

Looking to reach out to current patients but don’t have the time to do so? Let us take over the workload with our professional customer service team. We can inform your patients of upcoming appointments, let them know prescriptions are ready, and more! The metrics are endless. Call us today to get a free quote […]

Looking to bring customers back into your business?

Looking to bring customers back into your business? Keep them up to date with a fully custom outbound call campaign! Whether you want to inform them of business changes and news or offer a special discount, InTouch Medical Marketing has you covered.

Don’t let your customers not hear from you.

Bridge the communication gap between you and your customers, clients, or patients with InTouch Marketing. Don’t let your customers go without hearing from you. With InTouch Medical Marketing, you can keep your customers in the loop and allow them to get personalized messages regarding any changes, news, or specials regarding your business or practice.

Intouch Medical Marketing makes outbound calls to your clients.

Do you need to make outbound calls to your clients, but don’t have enough time to make them? Leave it to InTouch Medical Marketing. We can handle any volume of calls while beating any price on the market. Don’t let your customers go without hearing from you. With our professional team and call reporting included […]