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Everything we do for our clients is anchored in revenue goals and acquisition costs. InTouch Medical Marketing is a uniquely positioned growth channel with powerful reach and engagement. We are relentless in helping your business.


Our expert team excels at deepening customer relationships through purposeful outreach. Whether it’s making appointment scheduling easy or simply providing useful information, we are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction. In what can be an impersonal digital world, nothing keeps a customer happy like a friendly, helpful voice, fostering trust and loyalty.


We’re sticklers for process, transparency, and detail because your business is our business. Our clients have peace of mind, knowing that InTouch Medical Marketing invests heavily in compliance, CRM technology, quality assurance, policies, procedures, and data security.


At InTouch Medical Marketing, we specialize in High Volume and Multi-Touch Engagement Strategies!







Calls Completed



At InTouch Medical Marketing, we excel in Professional Outreach with Extensive Medical Industry Expertise​!


Change Your Members Will Love

InTouch’s highly trained team makes outreach calls to your members or prospects to assist with Medicare education and options review during Open Enrollment, Special Election or Lock-in periods.

  • Campaigns
  • Lapsed Members
  • Extra Help Enrollment Assistance (Low Income Subsidy)
  • Turning 65 Aging into Medicare
  • Medicaid Member Outreach

InTouch Medical Marketing will handle calls for the purpose of qualifying leads and connecting to a licensed benefit specialist.  Qualified leads criteria are based in program participation.

Our services include vetting qualification* and consent to connect to Licensed Benefits Specialist.

*Permission to contact is obtained for InTouch Marketing compliantly.


Enhancements You Can Measure

InTouch Medical Marketing will outreach to your members to schedule Annual Wellness Visits on your behalf and ensure the appointments are confirmed completed. We provide a courtesy no cost reminder call/text to the patient prior to the day of the appointment.  

When outreaching to your members, our conversations provide education about the visit and the importance of completing the appointment, resulting in low no-show rates.

At InTouch Medical Marketing, we specialize in bridging the healthcare gap by addressing crucial areas such as HEDIS Care Gaps, High-Risk Members with Low RAF scores, and Pharmacy Adherence. Our dedicated team of experts leverages cutting-edge strategies and innovative approaches to optimize patient care and improve healthcare outcomes. We’re committed to helping medical groups, IPOs, MSOs, and health plans achieve their goals, ensuring that no care gaps go unaddressed and that high-risk members receive the attention and support they need. Partner with us to enhance member engagement and drive positive changes in your healthcare organization.


Engagement That Lasts

InTouch Medical Marketing will conduct an outreach call to your members and schedule a virtual appointment. We will provide the necessary support to ensure your member understands the process of using and accessing the tele-medicine technology platform. Prior to the appointment, InTouch Medical Marketing will conduct a courtesy reminder call to your members.

If requested, InTouch Medical Marketing will verify the appointment was completed either by the doctor or the member.

InTouch Medical Marketing will conduct an outreach call to your members and assist with scheduling an appointment or Reserving a spot (RSVP) to an event.

You can provide us with either a pre-slotted set of available appointments or we can conduct a 3-way call to a facility to schedule the appointment.

•       Member Outreach

•       Event Scheduling

•       COVID Testing Appointment Scheduling

•       Flu Shot / COVID Vaccination Clinics

InTouch Medical Marketing will conduct an outreach call to either your New or Existing members to ensure your organization’s message is conveyed to them with care and compassion.

InTouch Medical Marketing will conduct an outreach call and assist in connecting your members to an ancillary service or referral programs via a transfer call or by providing them with the necessary information to connect with the service.

InTouch Medical Marketing will provide a dedicated phone line and staff to received and handle calls 24 hours 7 days of the week. All emergency calls are directed to nearest hospital or urgent care facility.

InTouch Medical Marketing is an extension of your business at a fraction of the cost.

InTouch Medical Marketing will conduct an outreach call to your members to complete a requested series of questions.

•       Healthcare Assessment Service

•       (SDOH) Social Determinants of Health Surveys

•       Functional Assessment

•       Barthel Index

•       Fall Risk Assessment

•       Depression Screening

•       Provider or Member Satisfaction Survey

•       Customizable Questionnaires


Going Above and Beyond

Dedicated inbound and outbound phoneline to capture call activity.

Campaign lines includes:

  • Dedicated Phone Number – Option for Toll-Free number or local area code presence
  • Language Setup – Inbound recordings can be tailored according to desired language
  • Caller ID Name Display* – When conducting an outbound call, the caller ID can display desired name
  • Call Back Number – Caller ID includes a call back number, which can be a local or toll-free number
  • Call Whisper – When an inbound call is submitting audible whisper message received identify unique call campaign.

* Caller ID Name Broadcast Display is based on receiving phone line carrier support.

Customized letter marketing piece introducing campaign details, program specifics outlining the collaboration between InTouch Medical Marketing and client, mailed to potential participants. Includes postage, printing and handling.

Our services include vetting qualification* and consent to connect to Licensed Benefits Specialist.

*Permission to contact is obtained for InTouch Medical Marketing compliantly.

Designing of poster, flyers, brochures, promotional items, customized pieces, etc.Designing of poster, flyers, brochures, promotional items, customized pieces, etc.

Direct mailing of your custom marketing piece to your clients, patients or customers. Includes custom design, artwork (4 color, 2 sided) and postage/mailing.

Custom individual texting, Happy Birthday, Health Screening, Appointment Confirmation (per Compliance guidelines), etc.

Distribution list texting service, standard template or custom text.


InTouch Medical Marketing: Member Engagement Specialists Expertly Trained for The Medical Industry.

Health Plans

Health Plans

InTouch Medical Marketing specializes in helping health plans enhance member engagement, streamline communication, and provide personalized care experiences. Our dedicated team ensures that health plans stand out in a crowded marketplace by fostering meaningful connections with members.

Medical Groups

Medical Groups

We understand the unique challenges faced by medical groups. InTouch Medical Marketing offers tailored solutions to improve patient experiences, boost appointment adherence, and optimize communication. We empower medical groups to thrive in today’s healthcare landscape.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

InTouch Medical Marketing equips healthcare providers with the tools and strategies needed to strengthen patient-provider relationships. Our services enhance patient satisfaction, drive practice growth, and ensure seamless communication.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

InTouch Medical Marketing assists medical professionals in reaching new heights in their careers. Our services enable doctors, nurses, and other professionals to foster member engagement, connect with patients, and share valuable insights.



InTouch specializes in helping IPAs navigate complex healthcare environments. We offer solutions that drive member engagement, boost performance, and ensure seamless communication within these organizations.



InTouch provides tailored support for MSOs; moreover, we assist them in efficiently managing medical practices and improving overall performance. Our solutions optimize communication and enhance the member experience for MSOs.
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